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Welcome back, Me!

So it has been more than a year since I last wrote anything. Bad me! I’ve been too busy to even scribble a short poem and frankly, I don’t have anything to blog about that I can’t post a picture of. But this morning, I kinda remembered my small little nook in the Internet and decided to check it out. I was thinking of whether or not to update it, but then I thought it’s a bit sacrilegious not to once I dropped by.

What to write though? In the past year, a lot has happened. I’ve been to three countries, too many places, met new friends, and found the love of my life (!).

Traveling first:

August 2013 saw my first out of the country trip. Singapore was such a nice place, albeit a bit expensive (I think it’s like going to the US–not that I’ve been there). It was clean and people were disciplined. Cultures mix well, and people speak English so you won’t have a problem getting around (and because their commute system is the bomb). But I’m not here to review the place and be a virtual travel guide–my Trip Advisor posts might help though. It’s a great experience, going out of the country and being independent. I think that one trip spurred my wanderlust more. The feeling of going to the airport and checking in your baggage, filling in papers and clutching your passport, boarding the plane and sleeping through air and turbulence, then finally landing and looking around you, realizing that everything is so’s a thrilling thing, one that I don’t think will get old soon. The only thing I regret was not being able to ride the Singapore Flyer. I’m going to have to come back one day.


Next country was Vietnam. We booked this as a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, and I’m really glad we did. I went with Andrei and Janini. If Singapore was all modern and posh, Vietnam was kind of like the Philippines. However, it was a great place to go for shopping (slashed prices on North Face and Kipling bags anyone?). I enjoyed the Cu Chi Tunnels and the Cao Dai Temple, but Janini and I enjoyed the shops more. And the coffee! I love their coffee. We also met with Ate Sheenel there, and it was a great catch up time with her. Food was super cheap and yummy, too. Plus, I felt like a millionaire. Their currency starts on the thousandth mark and they have bills in millions. Haha! Also, motorcycles are everywhere. Lots of Vespas all around made me feel like I’m somewhere in Europe. The best thing, however, would be their parks. They’re everywhere in Vietnam, and are perfect places to rest and take a breather after all that shopping and walking.


Hong Kong was next on the list, this time with my whole family. It was an exciting thing, not for me (well okay, I get excited every time I go somewhere), but more for my siblings. It was their first time to go outside the country, and I love that I was able to help make their dreams come true. I think all dreams were made true that day since we went to the happiest place on Earth. Disneyland was so much fun. Even my dad got in touch of his inner kid (he met Mickey Mouse, which he told us was a dream). Hong Kong is also like the Philippines, but with better transportation system. I think I’ll go back there, too.


Locally, I had fun with family when we went to Baguio and with my friends in Laiya, Calayo, and Calatagan. We had team building shizz in Zambales and summer outings in Laguna.

baguio1 calatagan1

It’s pretty much a Dora the Explorer kind of thing for me, and I love it. I am very much looking forward to going to Boracay and Cambodia this year!

I also met a lot of new friends the past year and welcomed back my best friend and her sister, who went home from the US:

Photo from Ms. Bref. :)

Photo from Ms. Bref. 🙂


And then, amidst all that traveling, all the experiences (good and bad), all the heartaches and the negative stuff, God decided that it was time and that I was ready. So yes, I have a boyfriend, and I love him. I don’t really have words to say other than I love him and that I could not ask for more. ❤


As my tattoo says (YES! I GOT A TATTOO!), always have this:



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