Me / Random

Whenever I forget to breathe

To myself:

Should you forget to breathe…

remember to dance, even if there’s no music.

imagine, and let your mind run wild.

take your time, for there’s no rush.

think before speaking, and make sure you speak the truth.

speak, and do so without hate.

make others smile, for that is happiness in itself.

create art, and let your sadness go away with it.

do things right, even if others say it’s not going to work.

go back to the reason you’re breathing, and make sure it’s still enough to hold on to.

forgive, for sometimes people just need a chance.

remember, and know when to let go.

love, but make sure you’re still your own self.

love, and never ask anything in return.

love, even if it hurts, even if it scars you.




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