Poem Post #6

“I will not hold you by restraining hands

Nor yet by tears that silently accuse.

You shall be free-like waters on the strands

That come, and go, and tarry, as they choose.

I will not speak of days sweet to remember,

Of lanes we trod through April sun and shower,

Of twilight trysts through early-starred November,

Prolonged each twilight by an evening hour-

No, not a word to hint of that or this,

Lest speaking so, your going I impede.

I will resign myself to all that is-

Like unto sands when cooling waves recede.

O while the strength of seeing love undone

Still stands by me, I pray you. Love, be gone.”

— You Shall Be Free by Trinidad L. Tarrosa-Subido

My gift for you…ending my prolonged and forced existence in your life.

Happy birthday to you.

Thank you for everything.


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