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Babies R Love

So I was itching to post something in my blog that required less deeper thoughts, and I thought why not these cute babies? Not that they don’t require deep thoughts because I know how babies get and how they make you think about life and all its jazz. I just thought that it’ll be better to post these cute young ‘uns than to ponder the universe and the question of “Am I ever going to be a Mum?”


I totally stole these photos from their Mums’ Facebook accounts.

On to the baby parade…


(My best friend May’s first baby, and the Jasmin’s first child. I think he’s four. Am I right? I suck at numbers.)


(May’s second baby. Just a few weeks old… He’socutelikeababybearlaskjflsajdlakjdlajaldjalwuggummms…)


(Ate Dang’s son, and Vince’s and Raffy’s cousin. I’m not sure how old Adrian is, but he’s old enough to sit on a bike which is so CUTE!)


(Faye’s baby. My inaanak is a year old, and she has the cutest “bye-bye” in the world. I swear.)


(Zhelle’s. I think she’s also one year old. I’ve yet to see her since Zhelle hasn’t been by lately.)


(AKA Paolo Junior. Floser’s baby, who I think is six months old. And from what I remember, he hates being held by Gella. Hahaha!)


 (Karen’s baby. I think she beat Giacca’s name as the most difficult name to spell. Yumi’s her nickname, and her real one is…I can’t remember how to spell it. How many months Yumi is, I’m not sure, but she’s a friendly baby, even to Gella.)

Anyway, should I not get married, I’d probably spoil these babies all their lives…


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