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The “Thank You 1박 2일!” Project

So after the success of the trending project, which had so many fans Tweeting their gratitude for the show (here), resulting to a #2 worldwide trend (here), we can now enjoy the project video which many people have participated in. Endless thanks to Koolbrosia unnie for her hard work at this video, and to the other ladies like Cookielass unnie and Jiwonified for putting together this great fan project.

I’m really sad that 1N2D as I know it will be no more. No Hodong, no Jiwon, and no Seunggi. Though I love Sugeun, Jongmin, and Taewoong, it just won’t be the same. Joowon, Sung Sikyung, and Kim Seungwoo are joining them, and yes, I felt motivated to watch again, though if I were to be honest, I’m not deeply invested anymore. Without Na PD, which is the biggest glue that holds the original 1N2D, it’s just not the same. Which I’ve already said, I know.

Anyway, I know the guys are doing this for their own good, and as a mature fan, I support them.

Speaking of fans, here are pictures of the other gifts the ladies have given the cast and crew! These ladies deserve to be hugged and treated huge amounts of ice cream (and more!)

(I would appreciate it guys, if you do not copy the photos. Please just save them in your computer and then put them into your blog. Bandwidth issues and all…)

Photos from: kukilas, jiwonified, eunbangkoo, sue, and cakefactory =)


I sincerely wish the other guys of season 2, success. I will always be a fan, but the enthusiasm will not be as fiery as before. =)


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