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“We Got Married” is my new addiction

Having some withdrawal symptoms because I don’t want to watch 1N2D recently. In my defense, I am readying myself for when I can no longer look forward to new episodes of 1N2D. Though there’s a season two, without Seung-gi and Ji-won, and yes, Ho-dong, it’ll just be another variety show.

So I tried out some new variety shows and found We Got Married! I’ve been watching some of the episodes before, but I was not really invested with their couples as much as my new crack couple:


Omo! Just looking at that GIF makes me kilig! Vicarious experience fulfilled with these two. WGM is a reality show featuring couples that are setup in a fake marriage, so one might question if scenes like these are just fake. But I dunno. I feel the awkwardness is real, which is natural. That awkwardness however makes their actions more sincere for me. *pauses to flail*
I crush on Leeteuk but he wasn’t my number one SuJu member until I watched him. Hayyyy, I miss watching this. MBC, please get your act together. I want more TeukSo moments!
Also addicted to this song (I’ve played it for like a thousand times today):
Anyway, while waiting for the new WGM episodes, Imma feast my eyes on these gifs from this pretty website here.

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