1N2D / Korean / Lee Su-geun

#thankyou1박2일 Project!

From the girls over at 1N2Dfansubs (thanks to KB unnie for including us!)

I’m really sad that 1N2D as I know it is now ending, but I’m grateful for everything that 1N2D brought in my life. As they start another journey, though Seung-gi and Ji-won won’t be there, I still wish the remaining boys success! And should Joo-won be cast, I’m pretty sure I’ll be watching from time to time =)


On February 9th, 2012, starting at 10pm (Korean Standard Time), we are sending messages to the cast and crew of 1N2D via twitter using the hashtag #thankyou1박2일.

Let’s all wish Lee Sugeun, Uhm Taewoong and Kim Jongmin good luck and send them good vibes as they continue their journey. At the same time, let’s express our thanks to PD NA, Kang Hodong, KimC, Eun Jiwon, MC Mong, Lee Seung Gi, Sang Geun and the staff/crew for all that they do for 1N2D.
Hope to see you all at twitterland!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are using the hashtag (#) to send our messages to the cast and crew of 1n2d so please minimize or as much as possible avoid spamming their twitter accounts.

Thank You!



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