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On to 2012

2011 is such a lousy year. I can’t say there weren’t many fun and positive moments–there were those, and they were really great moments–but the negatives just outweighed the positives that I can’t help but forget the brighter spots in my life.

You’d think by now I’ve reached that summit of perfect aloofness, having practiced it for about two years now. Turns out hardening one’s self isn’t just for me. No matter how I try to be tough, some things just get me.

At the start of the year (2012), I just randomly thought about how different I am from my younger self. I’ve become more suspicious of things, not trusting others sometimes that it makes me look like a police officer questioning a suspect–just without the dangling lamp and the plate of donuts. I’ve become too distrusting. And looking back, I don’t see why I can’t turn like that.

However, since not trusting didn’t get me anywhere near a blissful, if not perfect, year, I decided that I should be sunny again. I’ve become too dark for my own tastes and it’s not cool. Not cool at all. I need to balance my sunny, positive personality circa 2005 with that of my more darker self.

2012 is said to be the end of the world. Maybe I should rock this year, even though I don’t believe it’s the last, right?

Anyway, I’ve yet to figure out what my resolution is. Last year, I didn’t drink alcohol for a whole year. I did it. Maybe I’ll do these this year:

  • – read more books.

  • – explore the world more

  • – eat less junk foods and more fruits

  • – learn to bake or drive better

  • – make time for friends

  • – fall in love

  • – and cherish my family more =)

A Happy New Year to all!


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