2011 Christmas Wishlist

I’ve done a wishlist post last year, back when I was using my other blog name. I don’t recall any of them today, except that I didn’t get my grey boots (they’re still in the US, and my aunt has yet to ship them to me.) Anyway, thought of doing another this year. Let’s see how much I can tick off.

Aside from peace within the family, true happiness, and stronger bonds with my family members and friends, I wish these things:

1. Madeleine Wickham books

I asked this for our office exchange gifts this year. Hope somebody gives this to me =)

2. 2010 Hope Concert DVD

This is a given. =)

3. Complete my set of Lee Seung Gi albums

This, too.

4. New specs!

Dianne, my officemate, bought this cute pair of specs online, and she showed me the website. LOVE! These are my top picks!

5. A new haircut.


6. Chunky heels

I should wear heels more.

7. More oversized shirts

Oversized shirts are a must for me. They’re the best thing fashion geniuses ever invented. I love the comfy feeling, and how you can be both boyish and girly at the same time in them.

8. iPad (…)

I fiercely HOPE that this pushes through. Lots of false starts already. Please?

9. A new phone

Okay, I’m torn. I’m a loyal BB-er. I love my BB so much, but it’s kind of sick right now. So I’m thinking of trying out an iPhone. But, yeah. Money?

10. A dog

Corgi! Our puppy was supposed to be finally ours this December. Miho! Be  mine!


Given =)

Anyway, heeee! Hope to get at least one of these things on my list! Happy December! It’s snowing here on WordPress!


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