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Package from @Gateway2Korea : Seung-gi’s WAMLAW Vol. 1

Last September, I won the Best Writer of the Month Award over at Korea.com where I write articles. It was exhilirating, knowing that you get recognition for doing what you like to do. Besides, I felt that my Korean has gotten so much better, because I can translate simple longer articles now. So I’m happy when Marcus, Amigo, and the other admins told me of my win. I received an email that I can choose a CD or a photobook of my choice, and they’ll send it to me for free.

It took some time to decide on what to choose, but I realized that I love Seung-gi’s “When a Man Loves a Woman Vol.1” album, so I told them so. They replied that I’ll get it within ten days.

Well it hasn’t been ten days yet, but look what turned up in my mail! Okay, it was in my drawer by the time I got home last night. My siblings were also excited for me that they kept giving me hints and forcing me to look at my drawer right away. And there it was, in a manila envelope, Seung-gi’s album.


There are a lot of great photos inside, but that’s another post.

Thanks, Korea.com!


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