1N2D / Kang Ho-dong / Korean

So far…

Well, I’ve been busy with work (nothing special there), fangirling (which I do everyday, so it’s not that surprising), and getting shocked with what is happening in the entertainment world of Korea.

This week was pretty high-strung. Earlier, Ho-dong had given his notice of leaving my fave show 1N2D, but the PDs had successfully bargained for him to stay for six more months. It’s both a relief and a worry for me. I mean, I’m glad they don’t just shoot a show without the mohawked, noisy MC that is Korea’s bestest. But at the same time, it’s hard for me to think that in six months time, there won’t be new episodes of MY FAVE SHOW.

However, seems like the show IS gonna shoot without Ho-dong for the next six months since he had just announced his temporary retirement from the industry. The reason? Tax evasion. I mean, okay, it wasn’t cool to evade taxes, but if his agency was telling the truth, it was not his fault in the first place. And what is up with that person who sued Ho-dong over it? Have you ever heard him say he won’t pay it? I dunno. It sounded like he committed a crime so serious that he had to be jailed. Ho-dong is an extremely righteous person. He had taken up to being a role model at a young age when he won that ssireum title. So it’s not really a surprise if he took this to heart and felt it right to step down while he thought about what he should do. And he said it best when he told everyone: “How I can I laugh and talk freely on television when there’s this thing hanging over me, and have disappointed a lot of people.”

Because of this, his shows are all MC-less. I dunno how Strong Heart, Knee-drop Guru, and Star King will fare, but for me, 1N2D is still okay. I would like the five remaining guys to take up the challenge and show everyone what they learned from their mat-hyung.

After all, aren’t they his Siberian wild tiger cubs?


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