Korean / Lee Seung-gi


*excuse me while I squeal*

Ahem. Okay. News say Seung-gi’s going to release his new album, which looks like it’s going to be called “Bad Guy.” The album concept will show Seung-gi’s sexy and mysterious side, and IT DOES NOT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT.

Does this mean he’ll bare a bit of skin? Will he be dancing? Or will his songs be sultry and a bit rebellious? I dunno how they’ll bring that side out of him, and as one Airen unnie said, Seung-gi must be a bit embarrassed trying to sing the first songs.

A DCLSG fan made this, I think:

I’m currently whetting my fangirl appetite with YouTube videos. Here’s my current favorite. He looks soooooooooo good. My current favorite album is “Shadow” which was repackaged and this song was included:

Credits: jaewza @ YouTube


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