Lee Seung-gi and Dokko Jin Samsung Zipel CF Making

Credits: DrMariee @ YouTube

Haha! They really did it! After Seung-gi’s super funny cameo on Cha Seung-won’s drama, Best Love–where Dokko Jin (Seung-won ahjussi’s character) threatened cocky little Seung-gi (who was playing a mini-Dokko complete with an ego the size of a galaxy) with his own refrigerator CF–Samsung has released the CF Making video of the alluded CF.

I must say, some Airens were a bit surprised and well, not pleased when news of this has surfaced. I personally blame this with the crappy writer who wrote the headline: “Cha Seung-won replaces Lee Seung-gi as Samsung Zipel Model” But I’m glad that Seung-won ahjussi is just cameo-ing. The CF is super cute and Cha Seung-won is so goofy. I like him again. And of course, Seung-gi is being Seung-gi, so I cannot help but love him more.

Although, BB, the hair. I still think you’re preparing for a new drama, that’s why you’re letting it grow long.

Photo Credits: sinbustory


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