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1N2D = Immortal

Recently, KBS announced that Korea’s number one variety show, my own personal drug of a television show, will end in six months. And naturally, I felt beyond sad. I felt cheated at first. How can they stop it while everyone is still busy loving each episode? No one was complaining. No one.

But that’s just what I thought at first. I knew of the sacrifice the members went through. Ho-dong wasn’t home for his first wedding anniversary, and neither was he there when his son Si-woo was born. He was filming 1N2D in both dates, and missing those things was one of the most sacrificial things I can think of for an entertainer. Especially to Ho-dong who, if you remember the little things he says on the show, had waited to have a child for so long. Su-geun and Kim C were also family men, and they had their fair share of sacrifices. When Seung-gi filmed My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, his contract had to include a stipulation to allow him to film 1N2D every other weekend. His health suffered, but he did well on both counts. Mong, Ji-won, Jong-min, and Tae-woong, I’m sure, also sacrificed a lot for the show that we do not know of. All of them had other commitments to other shows, and busy as they may seem, they manage to turn up for 1N2D filming ready to entertain.

Fans were always aware of these sacrifices, and they try to alleviate them a little by giving useful gifts and celebrating momentous occasions with the guys. The boys bask in the love of the viewers, and they always give back by bringing the best episodes each week.

Still, all things must come to an end. 1N2D will end in six months, and there is nothing to do but anticipate each episode as they come. I think it’ll be hard to imagine a week without new episodes of Ho-dong getting out of breath and red in the face just by delivering a long slew of opening greetings; of Su-geun impressing viewers with his quick wit and never-ending jokes; of Tae-woong’s boyish and shy grin, and him tripping over his own feet; of Ji-won’s deviousness and choding-ness; of Jong-min’s crazy mind-blowing actions that always leave you wondering “What in the world did he just do?”; and of Seung-gi who is always dependable, be it bringing over a towel to his hyungs or having the right answer.

But deep in my heart, I know they’ll pass through the corridors of any broadcasting station and catch up, maybe spend some time together off work, and call each other sometimes. Ho-dong will always be their mat-hyung and Seung-gi the maknae. Ji-won will be their Choding, Tae-woong will be Ho-dong’s biggest fan, Jong-min will always be hard to read, and Su-geun will always be there for them to ask a joke from for a quick laugh. Oh, and Mongie will always be Mong-key, and Kim C their umma. Nothing lasts forever, but 1N2D will be immortal for me.

If I have to say something to the show, it’ll be a “Good luck” to all of them. And a “See you!” to the boys.

Because they’ll be 1N2D family for me. Always.


2 thoughts on “1N2D = Immortal

  1. Thank you for allowing me to your blog, thogh I just found it recently
    Yes, I’m sad, and now I even miss Ho dong more and more, crazy wild monjey and warm hearted Kim C eomma, shall we weish they’ll be back? I hope so…

    • Thanks for visiting =)

      Yeah, I know what you mean. I just hope for the final episodes, everyone gathers. Even MC Mong. I miss everyone, that’s why I watch the old episodes more than the new ones.

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