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My 23rd Birthday

Bit late for this one, and it’s not even complete. I figured while I was waiting for the 30-minute time limit for watching MegaVideo shows, I’d post these. Crappy photos from my phone, so I edited them a bit. I haven’t even uploaded the photos from my camera (yes, I can use my DSLR!)

Anyway, menu for that day:

Crabs! My favorite food! I have lots of favorite food, but this one tops my list. I love crabs!

Yangchow Rice. Specialty of my Dad! =)

White Pancit. Another specialty of Dad.

Crispy Pata with Bagoong

And my cake!

Also, here are some gifts I received:

Thanks for the Memories book from Kwen.

Angry Birds plushie, whom I named “Geun-geun” from my aunt.

And a cake from my aunt, again.

Very simple celebration, but I’m very happy to have my family around with me. =)


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