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Seung-gi’s cute expression and the plain tee phenom

This was taken during the Chung Jung Won event yesterday. It was raining hard in Korea, just like it was here in the Philippines. Well, actually, it is still raining here and there as well. Anyway, I’m sure those who attended the event didn’t mind the rain at the very least that day.

Yoke unnie, one of the Airens in Malaysia made this gif based on the video above:


And then you see him at a salon in Seoul wearing this:

And cute becomes HOT.

The photos above are from Sports Seoul, Korea’s infamous paps (like TMI perhaps? But not to that extent, I’m sure.) They are once again on a mission to dig up some dirt about Seung-gi, but as always, they come up zilch. They’re just full of praises for him. *snerk*

Anyway, he’s dreamy. That’s it.

Video credit: AirenVideo GIF and Photos: lsgairenint


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