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Flos’ Baby Shower

Last Saturday, I went to Flos’ house where my friends and I threw her a baby shower. Flos is the first of my college friends to succumb to married life, and she’s having a baby! Gosh, my friends are Mums now and here I am, the only love life I have is with my BB Seung-gi. I’m not complaining, but it’s more helpful if he were REALLY with me, right?Anyway, here are photos. Taken by my friend Gia, who recently purchased a DSLR. Which makes me think of my DSLR and how I can’t use it properly these days. *sigh*

Gang’s still not complete, but we had fun nonetheless. It’s good to see and be with these people again. These days, when a certain group of friends are all too busy with work, it’s hard to find time to gather. Even just a simple thing as singing tunelessly becomes a great time when you’re with friends. =)

BABY RAFA! We’re waiting for you!


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