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5 Cool Websites I Normally Visit When Bored

Aside from my social networking site accounts, these websites keep me busy while online:


I discovered this website while searching for pegs for a fashion magazine that we’re pitching back when I was still in the publishing industry.

What’s cool about it? The site allows you to make fashion collages like those we see on fashion magazines. You can choose from their rich library of not just fashion items, but also cute furnitures for interior design collages. It’s like making a fashion scrapbook online. What’s also fun is that you can import your own items from other websites with their trusty Polyvore toolbar.

Downside? I’m still a rookie, so I can’t say what’s wrong with it right now.

Click here to start your own fashion collage.


I really like this website mainly because of two things: the great fashion looks, and their never-ending scrolling feature.

What’s cool about it? Lookbook gives you a chance to preview everyday fashionistas from around the world, and their looks. I totally get inspired by what I see on this site. Most of my looks from Looklet, I get from what I see here. Plus, you don’t need to click on any ‘Next page’ button because they have this awesome feature that I call the never-ending scrolling feature. When you reach the last entry on the page, it will load more looks, so you won’t have to suffer from long loading time.

Downside? It’s not easy to be a member. You either have to get invited, or submit a look first. But hey, if you’re a true fashionista, you’ll get in in no time!

Click here for a dose of fashion creativity.


I enjoy looking at the inspiring photos and creative artwork I find here.

What’s cool about it? Weheartit is a visual bookmark that lets you save different photos from different websites by using the Heart tool. There are a lot of inspiring photos that can be found in the site. My personal favorite are those tagged with ‘TEXT,’ ‘TYPOGRAPHY,’ and of course, ‘FASHION.’ Plus, no need to install the tool. You just have to drag the tool to your browsers toolbar and you can enjoy hearting different photos. Make sure you sign up though.

Downside? If you’re into social networking that much, and comments matter to you, then you might find this site boring.

Click here to be inspired.


This site is perfect for young girls and the not-so-young ones.

What’s cool about it? If you’re into playing paper dolls when you were a kid, you’ll absolutely find the site enjoyable. This is like those girly dress-up games in Y8, but with a bit more action. You can have your own profile, upload photos, share your inspirational pictures, have friends, comment on their looks, join competitions, dress up your avatars, shop for avatar clothes, and only recently, different levels for each profile. You can dress-up stars, singers, models, and other icons, too.

Downside? It may seem like child’s play at first. Also, it’s hard to get tokens for your avatar clothes.

Click here to get started on playing with cyber paper dolls.


My favorite site!

What’s cool about it? You get to dress-up real-looking models with real clothes. Well, as real as the cyber world lets them to be. It’s really enjoying to dress models up with their large collection of designer clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. They’ve also put up backgrounds and effects for more creativity. Plus, they feature well-loved users every now and then so there’s interactivity between the site owners and the users. You also get to follow, be followed, and befriend your co-users. Their fashion library is added to frequently, plus they hold competitions amongst users to see who can use the featured items best. And the winner gets to win the featured designer items, too!

Downside If you’re computer is a bit slow, you’ll be frustrated with the slow loading time. Also, only female models are available to be dressed, so if you’re looking for male ones, you won’t find them here.

Click here to give online fashion designing a try.


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