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Seung-gi in Kolon Sport Fashion Show


Seung-gi attended the Kolon Sport Fashion Show last night. I wonder why he didn’t walk the catwalk with Lee Min-jung, his co-endorser. Anyway, his outfit consisted of a blue plaid hat, white button-down shirt, black silk (?) slacks, and black rubber shoes.

I’m telling you this now, I don’t like his hat and his shoes. He should have gotten a darker hat, and some rugged leather shoes. His cody always has this great sense of direction, but it just sometimes fail on the little things, like the granny blue cardigan he styled Seung-gi with for the Perioe fan signing event:


I think that’s his cody right there, the guy in glasses. Don’t get me wrong. I love Seung-gi. But sometimes, I think he’s being too kind not to say anything about his look to his cody. Puppy, please don’t be like that. Tell him you’re not happy being dressed as an ajusshi. Tell him. TELL HIM!

Anyway, here are photos of my BB at the Kolon Sport Fashion Show last night:

Okay, so the celebs with him were Lee Seon-gyun, the guy with a bromance (friendship really, but can’t I call messages-with-porn-allusions with another guy a ‘bromance?’) with Uhm Tae-woong, Seung-gi’s hyung in 1N2D; Go Jun-hee from “Can You Hear My Heart?;” Nam Gyuri; Kim Beom-soo; Yoon Jung-hoon from East of Eden; Yang Joon-hyuk, Ho-dong’s hyung who once guested in 1N2D; and I think a guy from a Korean idol group that I can’t name. Anyone knows?

Anyway, what I don’t get is why do some wear tinted glasses in an INDOOR event that requires you to WATCH. I mean, really?

Credits as watermarked. Also to Tryp and Ann for their posts.


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