I haven’t been posting lately…

…because I was busy watching City Hunter. I’m hooked!

Ten reasons why I love it:

1. Lee Min-ho is Lee Min-HOT!

2. Park Min-young is a kickass femme fatale.

3. The story is G.R.E.A.T.

4. I love the acting. Min-ho shifts from badass to cool to cute and quirky.

5. Min-ho makes it easy to tap into bad politicians’ homes.

6. Min-young’s outfits are jjang! Her casual clothes are My.Kind.of.Style.

7. The drama is GORGEOUS. From the editing, to the music, to the lighting… it makes me feel like I’m seeing a movie.

8. Min-ho and Min-young’s chemistry is not that evident, but I’m already hooked.

9. The other casts, especially the ajusshis are so great!

10. Lee Min-ho is Lee Min-HOT.

…Oh, did I say that again?


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