Lee MinHo: Hot

So, no, I’m not unfaithful. Seung-gi is still my BB, of course. But there are some times that I find this man cute:

I mean, HE IS JUST SO CUTE! And so BAD.ASS in City Hunter. It’s a good change from his OTT hair as Go Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers:

Or his prissy look in Personal Taste:

AND ESPECIALLY THIS CAMPAIGN FOR ETUDE. I MEAN, WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO MINHO? (Take note that this is not the gayest photo he has.)

How can they do this to a mud-wrestling, firm-armed, bad-ass, banderitas-gliding Yoon-sung in City Hunter:

Oh well… At least they didn’t pile on the Pink at Seung-gi’s The Saem campaigns. Anyway, my two Lees are just so adorable. I read somewhere that Jang Geun-seuk of the You’re Beautiful fame, that he wanted him, Seung-gi, Min-ho, and Kim Hyun-joong to hang out together. If so, then that will be the real F4.

And Seung-gi and Min-ho are so similar with their Han River love. Both like to spend their free time by the Han River. Seung-gi runs there during mornings, and Min-ho loves biking there.

Treating you to trailers of the City Hunter:

Video Credits: KPopxP @ YouTube

Photo Credits: kengkawankuforevervidhtreeeeeeee, star.koreandrama.orgasianpopcorn, and dramabeans


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